Monday, August 09, 2004


For me, this is really an amazing thing we are witnessing. This media and Hollywood driven hysteria about President Bush.

For me, there is no evidence in the world to compel such hatred and emotion.

The American public is being continually bombarded with stories about how bad it is in Iraq, how bad the economy is, how bad George Bush is, and every conspiracy anyone could conceive in their wildest dreams. There are BOOKS. Tons and tons and tons of BOOKS. There are "DOCU"MENTARIES. There are MOVIES. There is NEWSWEEK, The NY Times, NPR, The Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, The Evening News with Dan Rather, Nightline, The Washington Post, MSNBC, Slate, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Bono of U2, and (my hand is getting tired-- search around the web)...

There is all of this telling the public over and over again about this big secret-- that George W. Bush is single-handedly destroying the planet and 4 more years and he will certainly then put on his anti-Christ jacket and destroy the planet.

We have had 3 1/2 years of George W. Bush. What has happened? Well first off the internet stock bubble burst (the same bubble that so enamors Democrats these days who long for the return of high flying IPO's and economy where the gap between rich and poor went to a whole new level. Democrats want that back, badly. The economy no longer cycles-- economic growth is a right). We had the corporate scandals (all of which have been forgotten about except Enron, because the media-- see media list above-- love a good Bush conspiracy). Then there was 9/11-- an event that scared me big time. Scared a lot of people. (Except Democrats who saw it coming. Evil America was due for something like that. And now it no longer exists except as a political issue. 9/11 didn't happen except that which implicates George W. Bush.) So, then what... well, the 40 million people of Iraq have been freed after living under the oppressive rule of a tyrant dictator for 30 years (but don't tell that to a liberal, or a Democrat-- they believe Iraqi's, not terrorists are fighting against us now. They wait with drool dripping from their mouths for the next car bomb they can put on the front cover of the newspaper and/or rant about with their friends. The Iraqis are not free until a tyrannical dictator rises up again, because that is and will likely always be the Middle East standard). I will move on here (Apologies for not addressing the freedoms that women in Iraq and Afghanistan now enjoy. And, apologies for not addressing the girls who now attend schools).

So what else has happened during George W. Bush's presidency that gives cause for liberal angst? Well it couldn't possibly be the fact that gay marriages are taking place across the country. That didn't happen under Bill Clinton. Its only happening today. It can't possibly be the censoring of political speech by Senator Lott and others. It can't possibly be the doubling of stem cell research that has occurred for the first time ever by a President (spare me your liberal media buzz lines please-- if Democrats and Clinton were so smart they could have started funding it all the way around-- and also please don't tell me about how its a new technology because a. its not that new, and even if you could dig up 5 NYTimes articles to 'prove' it to me, there are dozens more research papers written that could have compelled Clinton to fund it). Perhaps its the fact that instead of just giving teachers raises (like usual) in an effort to improve the continually declining state of education, the President has decided that by testing students we can find out who needs help and who doesn't (and spare me the unfunded mandate b.s.-- read into the issue before jumping on the next sound byte). Perhaps its Abu Gharib that is the rub. Heck with some 40 or so front page stories by the Chicago Tribune and another 25 or so by the NY Times I could imagine that has a bunch of liberals and Democrats up in arms (Nevermind Sandy Berger-- addressed once on page 19 by the NY Times).

So anyways... I could go on, but time to move on to the point here.

Hysteria is sweeping the nation. It's like the hola hoop (I'm not that old), or rolling up your jeans in middle school (that's me), or whatever the latest fad is. Hating George W. Bush IS, IS, IS POP CULTURE. It is popular. It is mainstream to jump on this mass bandwagon.

And that is what fascinates me.

Democrats are acting like a bunch of trend following high schoolers.

A walk in the park and a fresh breathe of air is all one needs to do in order to realize that the end of the world is far from upon us BECAUSE OF George W. Bush. If the end of the world is at all near it will have nothing to do with George W. Bush. A terrorist attack of mass efforts could bring about the doom and gloom that is being driven through the U.S. population at large right now.

The economy and the war in Iraq are smooth right now. Any, ANY, objective, CLEAR VIEWED, look at the state of the U.S. and the world would have to draw that conclusion.

The brainwashing of America. Will the wool be pulled over everyone's eyes for another 85 days?


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