Friday, August 20, 2004

Olympics and Iraq

Interestingly when it comes to the Olympics NBC is more than bending over backwards to present only the American view of the Olympics. And, NBC announcers cheer on the Americans. And, NBC covers mostly just Americans winning. In other words, the coverage is totally biased in favor of Americans for its American audience. And it should be.
Contrast that with coverage of Iraq.
NBC (and the other major news sources in this country) bends over backwards to cover only, and all of, the bad things that happen in Iraq. NBC's Tom Brokaw, drools in anticipation of the next car bomb to lead off his Nightly News program. There is no cheering on American troops in their mission to bring freedom to others and make the world a safer place. No coverage of anything good American troops are doing, even though every day really good things are happening.


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