Monday, August 02, 2004

The New Religion

There is a new religion clearly evident in society around us. And for the moment it is definitely the most vocal, in your face, media covered religion of our time.

It is the new dogma. The New Religion of the Democratic Party.

This is a big reason why I am voting Republican. I questioned the President a while back based on all the news. But then the news just kept coming. Bad this and bad that. And I kept looking around and thinking to myself-- gosh, is it really that bad. And then it just kept coming. Bush is bad. Bush is bad. And again, life still was going along well as far as I could objectively see it.

And then, I tend to be kind of a skeptic. When everyone starts talking about something... When everyone starts telling you something... I start thinking twice. And so I did. And what I guess I discovered is what I am talking about now: A New Religion. No matter what happens in the world there is only one answer from these new fanactics: Bush is evil and bad.

Rain on your birthday? Bush did it.


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