Friday, August 13, 2004

Me and Advertisements

Marketers may need to start paying attention to people like myself.
When I watch TV on NBC I will be well aware that this is the network trying to influence people's minds with biased coverage of the news from Katie Couric and Matt Lower on the Today Show and from Tom Brokaw on The Nightly News.
And their level of bias has gone to a whole new extreme, especially with Tom Brokaw, as the election approaches.
For me, learning of this bias in the last couple years has been something of a big event for me.
I grew up in the Midwest. I didn't think about biases or anything growing up-- or even in college. I watched Tom Brokaw and thought I was just watching the news. Little did I understand how methodically he crafts his lines to subtly influence opinions. And little did I understand that how much time devoted to an issue, and how it was covered, were part of Tom Brokaw's decisions about what is morally correct, and bluntly what's good for his Democratic party.
I didn't understand any of this, but now I do.
And so when I am watching NBC and see ads for AT&T Wireless I am glad to be a Sprint PCS customer. And so on and so on. I will not be supporting advertisers of this crap.
In the early 90's Americans avoided foreign made products. Today, I want to get rid of the manipulation of opinions taking place by the highest news authorities in this country. The one-sided coverage in unison by the major news outlets is similar to the style of news coverage in say the former Soviet Union. Except here most people don't know that's the case. NBC, MSNBC, NPR, The Nightly News (Tom Brokaw), The Today Show, The Evening News (Dan Rather), Nightline, Newsweek, NYT, WashPost, BBC, CNN (finally introducing some objectivity, but not so for years and years and years), The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Chicago Tribune, and on down the list--- they all hold themselves up as something other than what they are.
There needs to be accountability. You want to have a bias-- fine, but make it very clear what your doing. Don't try to subtly sway opinions.
There needs to be accountability. And for now, I will just do it via ads--- deliberately seeking to avoid sponsors of this garbage spewing.


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