Tuesday, August 10, 2004


The United States was founded by people who moved away from Europe's tyrannical ways. Now, Europeans are calling for a new U.S. President so that they can be friends with us. And, there is a political party in the U.S., the Democrats, and their Presidential candidate, John Kerry, that wants to reunite us with Europe and heal the wounds caused by the liberal media's George W. Bush hate machine. And once again America will have to break free from Europe's backward culture. It is just a matter of whether Americans have the courage to stand up now, or whether we will have four years of John Kerry to drive it home to us why America is not Europe. America was founded by forward thinkers intent on freeing themselves from Europe's grip. And America is forward thinking now. We don't need to align with Europe. It is Europe that has the catching up, and growing up, to do. And Americans will discover this. Whether the media can fool the people into the John Kerry trap-- well, we will see. But longer term. This is a no brainer. America will be blazing its own trail.


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