Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I'm not going to try to predict this election. Short term is not really my specialty. What I am absolutely sure about is that the U.S. is moving Republican longer term.
Democrats are blindly self assured, determined, and unified. There is no need to look into ANY issue. There is no need for them to ANALYZE any policy, or to try to understand TRADEOFFS and COMPLEXITIES about any policy or issue.
That is because one issue is above all others. George W. Bush must go and then the world will magically return to the land of high flying IPO's and France and Germany will be our friends--- screw those people in China and India who have outsourcing jobs. And screw the dozens of countries that are our allies right now in the war on terror. France and Germany is what matters.
Digression. Ok, so...
The country as a whole is generally ingrained to be afraid of, and skeptical of, Republicans.
But, longer-term, the trend is changing. And this election, or any election, means nothing as far as long term trends are concerned.


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