Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Bloggers and News Bias

So, great, there are about a dozen or so bloggers doing some investigative journalism these days, connecting dots, and putting together stories that explain important news items that the mainstream media quickly passes over.
The problem is that how many people read these things. For a few of the bloggers it is a large, meaningful amount of people. But in the grand scheme of things, their investigative journalism is only heard by a very, very, very small number of people.
Thus, when Sandy Berger clearly breaks the law, that's not a story for the mainstream media. It is a right wing conspiracy. It is not about covering what Berger may have done wrong. It is about moving on, because clearly a conspiracy to bring him down is behind this.
When 250 swift boat veterans against Kerry come forward with a story its not about what Kerry might have done wrong. Its not about finding out the facts behind their story. Its not about learning about discrepancies in Kerry's stories. Instead, there is no story for the mainstream media because this is a right wing conspiracy.
So, a few bloggers can cover these stories top-to-bottom and really get to the bottom of it. But, that is not going to be heard on Main Street, Side Street, or even an alley of Side Street.
We get weeks and weeks of undending coverage of Abu Gharib. Not because its such a humanitarian crisis. But almost purely to implicate George W. Bush. Front page story after front page story. Day after day, week after week. A military out of control. Another reason to lump to the 800 other ones we have been droned to remember as another reason to join the Anybody but Bush mission to save the world.
Bush's Reserve Duty--- week after week, investigative journalists paid thousands and thousands of dollars to find any dirt they could. Front page stories. Talk shows. Everything. You name it. Time to get to the bottom of this-- every last detail.
But, Kerry who clearly (I watched every minute of major speeches at the DNC) made his Vietnam record one of the pinnacles of his Presidential qualifications, is not even questioned once about any of it.
Its a right wing conspiracy. There is no story here.


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