Friday, July 30, 2004

Convention Coverage

I don't know if blogs were really a big winner. I found myself going to the same blogs I generally went to prior to the Convention. I didn't go to any special new convention blog. And, at least for me, I primarily watched everything on TV. Every major speech-- I watched. Out of the three major news outlets--- I felt CNN emerged the winner. They appeared to take the straight-as-an-arrow high road. FOX always had both sides well represented, but at times it got a bit tabloidish (new word). MSNBC, I think, was the clear loser. Bringing on board Ron Reagan was taking advantage of a guy whose taking advantage of his name and the fact that his father recently passed away. Ron Reagan clearly came across as a partisan and a know-it-all. I don't think people on the left, or the right, are interested in hearing what Ron Reagan has to say. Back to blogs- no doubt they picked up more national attention off the convention blogging, but no big win in my opinion-- just a continued slow march to much bigger things to come for the blogging world.


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